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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 15, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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this video shot on high street in oakland shows what law enforcement is up to -- against. after a week of trying to quell sideshows on streets freeways. >> we had very large sideshow present in east oakland.>> as many as 700 cars from as far as fresno and la created this dangerous disruption. stopping traffic, spinning doughnuts until 4 am. even shooting at a chp helicopter and bashing out the windows of an oakland patrol car. >> it was chaotic last night. reports of shots being fired and bottles being thrown at officers in multiple locations. >> reporter: against that backdrop, man was shot and killed by officers just before six sunday night. err i heard how pow pow -->> i heard pow pow pow. many shots.
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>> reporter: a dozen men were own group -- dirt bikes and atvs. today, they had police on their heals. >> they were chasing these guys for two hours today. all through the streets of oakland. i have seen them all the way up to mac arthur. they had been chasing them as a prank thing. >> here we go.>> reporter: police don't see this as a prank. the same afternoon is the shooting, cars and motorcycles again numbering in the hundreds were seen roaming the three-way -- freeway, blocking ramps, causing a hazard. the writers stopped and have been sighted in released. their bikes have been impounded. a man approached officers. >> he pulled replica firearm. officers didn't know it was a replica. it looked very real. they shot the person.
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>> reporter: he died at the scene mac. it appears the man has nothing to do with the motorcycles or sideshow activity. >> it doesn't look like there is any association. there may be something that comes up, but right now, we have no evidence linking this person to the bikers.>> reporter: this is a picture of the replica weapon the man was carrying that provoked officers to open fire. the chief tells me there was no physical contact, no altercation. the man walked up and pulled the fake weapon. as far as the sideshow activity, the teeth -- chief admits it is hard to row a moving target. they often track down offenders after the fact.>> police admit there is sideshow activity in oakland a just about every night.>> joining me now is noel
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gallo. i know you live in east oakland. this is gone for two nights in a row. you heard the activity. what has the weekend been light cook -- like compared to other times?>> it is a serious situation in oakland. it is not the first or the last time i hear the activity from my home. i hear it and my neighbors here it. they have been complaining for years. the negative behavior, the activity that some people coming in oakland are creating, one is we have to be very clear that our neighborhood streets and our freeways are not playgrounds and they're not race tracks. therefore we need to hold each other accountable for our actions and certainly the highway patrol and the oakland police need to be held responsible as well. i think through the city council, we are taking action.
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is a matter of fact, we have been to the state legislature. we are trying to, we will be proposing this week that if i catch you, whether it's a sideshow with the prostitution or illegal dumping, i will impound your car on the first citation, the first violation in oakland. we are trying to take some drastic actions to stop this kind of behavior.>> councilmen cow we heard police say that sideshows are difficult to control. they are moving targets. when police show up, everyone leaves. the items that you're proposing, how will they stiffen the penalties? how will that make it more difficult for folks to get away with what they're doing? >> right now, the state law is clear that we will on your second offense we can impound your car. we want to go a little farther in oakland that on your first offense, the first citation, we
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will impound your car. i think what has happened in our streets and east oakland, crossing the crossing block, it was a near-death experience. we are not adhering to the rules of the road. we're not adhering to the laws. when it comes to sideshows, we are violating not only where our children and families live but at the same time we are making it less of an attraction for businesses to come back to oakland because right now, the industry, the number one industry in east oakland our liquor stores, drug houses and warehouses to sell marijuana. i want to create jobs for my kids. therefore we need to stop the sideshows here in oakland and bring back jobs to oakland and industry.>> in the meantime, while you're waiting for sacramento to help you get stiffer penalties, sideshows are likely to continue.
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they have been going on for years and years and years. in the past, we have had the alameda county sheriff's office is this, opd trying to saturate the areas to discourage activity. in the meantime, why isn't that continuing? is it too much overtime expenses? >> the activity happens where i live in east oakland. therefore that needs to be a priority. safety is a priority where i live in the streets of east oakland. some of us as neighbors, we not only in certain areas when we see the sideshow in our neighborhoods, we actually now are putting planter boxes, creating the bulbs so you cannot have a sideshow in our neighborhood where our kids live. i will request from the police chief that we need to be a
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little more enforcing the laws that we do hair, especially in the east -- have, especially in the east oakland area. this has been going on for too mac long -- too mac long -- too long. >> thank you for joining us tonight. we appreciate it. in other news, severe weather in stanislaus county has left homes damage and people without power. and apparent tornado tore through stanislaus county near turlock. a number of homes were damaged. the sheriff says strong winds rip through the area around 2:00 this afternoon, blew off shingles from rooftops, snapped branches, and broke power to many homes. one woman described what she saw. >> i saw the tornado at the stop sign. it was at this trailer park over here. it didn't hurt any trailers. my mom lives there.
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they were all okay. it came through this road here. there is a barn and the house down. it took roof soft. it was scary. it hailed -- roofs off. it was scary. it hailed straight down. it was the size of peas, my husband said. >> the nws says it was likely a tornado. they will send a team to determine the strength of the winds to confirm that.>> let's check in with mark tamayo who is not only tracking that system but also the weather in the bay area. >> it's all part of the same system. the one that move through this morning producing heavy rainfall. gusty wind moving out towards the central valley. take a look at the radar from earlier this afternoon. this is during the 1:00 hour. you can see the storms developing. this is east of turlock. that is the thunderstorm responsible for that tornado today. here is a picture, a tweet that
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you can see with the radar signature there. you can see the thunderstorm development and tornado touching ground. right now, things have quieted down quite a bit. we have the snow out towards the sierra. winter weather has just expired. you see a bit of a northerly flow. still some rain showers out there. the bulk of the activity moving offshore and also east of the bay area. a slight chance of left over sprinkles in the short term. for the most part, we're talking about gusty winds. throughout the day today, ocean beach, we had a peach -- peak gust of 55 miles an hour. still strong winds towards santa rosa. a wind advisory still in place. it has been extended until 4 am monday. rainfall is a big deal as well. most areas pick up up to an half an inch of rain this morning. we will take a look at our five day coming up and let you know if we have any more rain to
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talk about. >> high wind and surf caused problems for boaters today. nine people in a bald -- dog had to be plucked from the waters. four kayakers and the dog were dumped into the water by 4 foot waves and had to be rescued. a 14 foot aluminum boat also capsized and five people had to be rescued. now to the latest on the terrorist attacks in paris. fighter jets a pounding isis targets in syria two days after the group claimed responsibility for the coordinated attacks that killed more than 130 people. this is a massive manhunt spread across europe for primary suspect. rick leventhal is in paris with the new development.>> reporter: fighter jets are hitting isis targets in syria. the strikes a retaliation for
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the terror attacks in paris. french authorities are hunting for this man. his name is salah on this long. police say the 26-year-old renton the volkswagen that carried terrorist to the concert hall where an american band was playing. for so many people, it's where a night turned into horror and carnage. at least 89 died. some survived hiding in the basement.>> we turned the lights out.>> reporter: some are blaming smart phone encryption for the lack of intelligence. >> we have gone blind as a result of the commercialization and selling of these devices that cannot be accessed by the manufacturer or more importantly by us in law enforcement even equipped with swords search warrants.>> -- >> reporter: president obama has
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ordered all flags at government buildings, embassies, and ships at sea to be flown at half staff until thursday. rick leventhal, fox news. tracy bliley -- brian lee is a resident who was just down the street from those attacks. >> we are glad to see that you're okay. i understand you are near the concert hall else attack. can you tell us what you saw and heard?>> my husband and i were on our way home from dinner, and we saw a bunch of traffic on the street and emergency vehicles that couldn't get through the traffic. we were not sure what was going on. then ahead of us some plainclothes police officers with their guns drawn. we ran into the apartment and went up to the balcony and we were able to see all of the
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traffic being diverted and the police officers were really anxious. you can see they were hyped up. that's actually the video i shot a few hours later because for hours there were sirens blaring and all regular traffic was blocked off that street. what you're looking at is no sirens found -- sound at all. this was happening real time. i was watching the news and learning that they had got the guys inside. this was real time, and i went outside and you could hear anything. there was just the see of emergency vehicles traveling down the street, presumably i guess to help pick up the
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deceased, perhaps. >> when you look at that video, it looks like a seemingly endless line of ambulance. it has been two days since the attacks. what have you been doing since then? can you describe the atmosphere now?>> i decided i needed to stay calm. i had 16 women here. i have a business, i carry american women who wants with the parisian dream. my responsibility was to stay calm. so i did. that is by nature. and then they just left. it's monday here, but they left on sunday morning. they are all back in the us now. but saturday night, friday night was quiet, obviously. everyone was in and freaked out. saturday during the day, the
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french are very resilient. everyone was out. people were out with their kids, jogging, riding bikes, and during the day, everyone was out. so i went out to dinner with my family and two of my guests, and we were coming in at about 11 pm. one of the things i noticed was that there was hardly anyone out. there were a few people out, but most of the bars and clubs in the neighborhood that are typically open or closed at 11 clock. it was relatively busy during the day on saturday. by saturday night it was really quiet out on the street. i was in by 11. >> it's great to see your okay. i understand you love paris.
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security will be tight when you fly back in a couple of hours to the bay area. any reservations about returning to paris?>> actually, i have been here since 1 september. i was scheduled the back november 30. my husband is leaving this thursday and he talked me into going back a week or so early with the airstrikes. it's starting to be quite a bit. i am calm and relaxed, but everybody is edgy. i think it's time to come home. i will be coming home sunday instead of a week from sunday. i am ready to get back to oakland.>> thank you so much for taking time to talk with us. we wish you safe travels back into the bay area. in san francisco, digital for those victims. noelle walker was that city hall. hundreds gather to mourn for france. >> reporter: a crowd of hundreds materialize out of
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thin air. the blue, white, and read of the french flag waving in the wind.>> we can see every country is here when another country needs him. >> reporter: they gathered to comfort, cry, and create communities -- community. >> very soon, we have to close the streets. and away, i'm happy about the gathering. i'm excited about what happened -- sad about what happened in paris. pa
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and wishing that it would not happen. they had a available police presence to not be afraid for those on the steps of city hall. heads bowed. in a moment of silence followed by song. [ applause ] >> the french consulate office here in san francisco will be open to the public tomorrow for people to stop by and find a
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book of condolences, noelle walker ktvu fox 2 news. still to come tonight, family coming together to remember the california college student who is a victim of the terror attacks. they look to damper the holiday spirit. tips on keeping out of the criminal's reach this holiday season. some are calling it a godzilla el niño. a look past at the last two powerful el niños and how this year's forecast would compare.
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in the early 80s, they swept through the area. now nearly two decades later, officials are expecting them to hit here once again as this year's version is being called the godzilla of the el niños. >> meteorologist bill martin looks back at the last two powerful el niños and how the forecast compares. >> they don't make storms, but enhance them. putting the winter storms on steroids. there is high hope that they could bring it to the drought stricken, california. but the amount of rain is all going to depend on timing. multiple weather models predict above water temperatures, as they say that it will be too big to fail this year, which
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means a wetter than normal winter, hopefully for us too with no guarantees. and warmer than normal water will accumulate in the pacifics, meaning a wetter season in the entire hemisphere. they will be much drier than usual. this formula could lead to flooding for the bay area. like it did in 1982 and 1998. there are concerns that they could do some serious damage. right now, in the pacific they are on par with what we saw before those monster winters of the 80s and the 90s, the two strongest in record.
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and in 1997, 1998, 119 days of rain 200% above average. all eyes on this winter's el niño. and their waves at their point? already this year we've had an increase in their weather in their pacific and that there were a report. but the key is timing, that they need to be in that position to deliver the normal rain, pumped up. predicting that this winter will be a whopper with their drought concerns in the top of everyone's minds, all eyes on the skies to see what they would bring and that they will repeat themselves.
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big martin, fox news. we're looking at what that rainfall could mean for those areas hit by the wildfires. be sure to stay with us all week for the coverage. >> and now let's find out what's going on for their workweek. >> yes, it is quiet. just nice to put them in to perspective with each story that will put it in to perspective. of course talking about those thunderstorms and that we have mostly clear skies with lingering activity on the radar with some showers moving to the
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coastline. i'm thinking that we will have the snowfall for about five to ten inches. that right now, we are in the clear, we also have pretty strong wind speeds out towards their airport to the northwest. concord to 28 seeing reports of facebook, the down trees scattered around the bay area because of the strong winds. sustained to 26 gusting to the 35 miles an hour moving out of the northwest, looking out towards their square with some commissions there and with that the wind advisory that was suppose to expire for them tonight has been extended for them in place for the coast approaching for the winds that will back off as we do head in
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there on monday morning. pretty chilly temperatures for them in the 30s. still a little breeze on the order of that 10 to 20 miles an hour. coming up, the warming trend and let you know if we will have any rain clouds show up. >> thank you, mark. >> speaking out on the attacks in paris and a look at how they could shape the policy. >> just too much for them to handle. highlights next in sports.
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to talk a little bit about football and boy no match for the raiders, no match for peterson. >> yeah, they could not stop him today, the big problem for
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the raiders, with a win today that they are not ready for prime time, at least not yet as they chatted it up before the game. and they were taking four apart for their draft. and it's the touchdown, two minutes to go before the top to look at holmes as he would go up to get it for their touchdown. 302 yards, two interceptions. right before the half to go for patterson and picks it up with the cut off to the races for 93 yards down their sidelines. that would take the wind out of the sales of the raiders as you have a chance in their 4th. with newman, he had two
10:31 pm
interceptions today, up trying to top peterson off to the races for 80 yards on this play and 120 before the play, ending up on the carries as they would drop to 4-5 and still in that picture though. we let them run over us, whatever it was as you would put your fingers underneath in something else that would pop up. >> we have a good group in terms of being reserved. i don't think that there is any question about that. he was going to break brett favre's all-time passing record. doing it right there for those
10:32 pm
yards on this day, but boy a bad day for him, throwing four interceptions, just 5-30 on the day with those four interceptions on what should have been a joyous occasion turned in to a bad play that he was benched. meanwhile alex smith played well. he found west for this touchdown drive as the chiefs, they roll 29-13 in this one in college basketball for you that it is stanford and the first half, up 15-8 when pickens, robs him with the career high up by 33 at this point and a deep pick as they would beat them, putting up some points
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here as well for stand fort. >> it is good so far. >> a somber event as they would be hit and killed. how this woman is being remembered tonight after being caught by the violence in paris.
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for the series of the deadly attacks in paris are being felt right here in california and the first known americans killed. we have more on the life of the long beach student. >> family members say that he simply died too soon with a real zest of life. murdered while sitting at a
10:36 pm
restaurant in paris. and those that knew her well, dreamed of studying french and says that she will be missed. she was so full of joy and happiness and so positive. she was a senior studying abroad. for spouting their plans, a mentor to younger students and with a strong work ethic. she was lively and energetic and no shortage of anything and that she would be there for us.
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>> an emotional tribute, the most important person in their life. held an emotional vigil on sunday afternoon. >> president obama addressed the discussion with vladimir putin today for what was a tense meeting as they would huddle in the lobby area between meetings. urging them to focus on combating the state in syria. saying that the events made it urgent as the two leaders met for about 35 minutes. >> the presidential candidates
10:38 pm
are criticizing over their strategy against isis. and to act on it immediately. >> now reports saying that one of the assailants was a syrian that slipped in to the refugees to allow thousands to enter their u.s. and they call it nothing less than truthful with that suspension of intellect. >> bringing people in to that country of the area, it's a huge mistake. >> he used his appearance today to go after hillary clinton, that he does not understand why she would say that after their debate. >> they will host their first
10:39 pm
gathering of the collisions as they designated the third sunday as world day remembrance. the mother spoke of losing her son after being hit by a garbage truck in 2013 while riding his bike in the san francisco mission district. >> our family will never be the same. what they live with each and every day. that we must take measures to make the street safer. >> today's e vent put on strike tomorrow, representing 1,400 students, therapists, social
10:40 pm
workers. that they are asking for an increase over three years with more staffing. and not telling the managers about them needing the urgent care. >> all to discuss on their policy for those immigrants. it comes after being deported five times. allegedly shooting kate stinley in july. they have twice rejected the proposals as they now support notifying i.c.e. about the immigrants. up next a look at the sierra where people spent the weekend. >> the temperatures are dropping here. what is that?
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mark tamayo will be next with your weekend forecast.
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in parts of the sierra that fled for those heading through, slick and slow going for one woman putting chains on her car with no easy task. >> that's the part of that. >> they're requiring drivers to put on chains for both i-80 and
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highway 50. now a third sunday in a row. >> have you ever put chains on a car? >> i have not. i usually have someone to do that for me. at least right now we have the clear skies, up in the mountains for us tomorrow. clearing skies. but you can't see it on the radar moving across the bay area this morning, the cool air pattern moving in from the north. right now though, a few showers towards fresno and the bay area, just partly cloudy skies, right now it's 45, checking in at 50 and wind speeds once
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again, with a wind gust sustained with more wind reports for you not strong for san jose for them in place for your monday mostly sunny with the breeze around 10 to 20 as we would hold on to that dry weather pattern. the forecast model and their future cast that will be showing you in to the order of 10 to 20 miles an hour so it is not going to completely shut off, but still not as strong as today. the culprit for today's rain this morning talk about while you're sleeping is this guy, moving out to the south moving out of town. the dry weather pattern and a little bump over the next few days after the cool mornings. but this week is still mostly sunny skies, heading up to the
10:46 pm
north. we're looking for a long range here and really not showing up. the best bet late thursday and that it looks like that rainfall towards eureka and oregon as well and then a few high clouds approaching the bay area as well, still a week out. that could be changing quite a bit for right now though, we do not have any rain clouds to talk about on the five-day forecast and that seven-day forecast as well. temperatures for tomorrow in the upper 50s to the 60s. partly to mostly sunny skies. san jose at 62. half moon bay 60 and 64. now, here is a look ahead for your five-day forecast. we'll have more sunshine for your tuesday and notice those amp highs -- afternoon highs warming up. they could be right around 70 degrees and then looking out towards their weekend maybe just a few extra clouds for them today on sunday. heather the forecast models are keeping us dry through thanksgiving that i do not want to see that extended period of dry weather. nice to have once a week and nice deals out there. hopefully they would change
10:47 pm
with a lot of catching up to do. >> practice that between now and then and never fun. thank you, mark. gasia jason appelbaum and scott reese will be in next. they missed a golden opportunity to show that they belong to the big boys. what it means in terms of the playoff pictures and those warriors, still undefeated. why it is only going to get better. sports wrap at 11:00. up next though, police share tips and tricks that will help you be safe while shopping during this holiday season. [door knocking]
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see store for coupon. ♪ come on-a my house i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table. hard to believe that the holiday shopping season is upon us. heather lee sat down with san francisco police to talk about
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ways you could stay safe while shopping. >> i'm here with san francisco police officer carlos manfredi. the holiday season is upon us, a lot of people go to the cities to buy gifts for their loved ones. what are some warnings that you want to tell us? >> again as you're going shopping and you are purchasing the holiday season, you'll want to buy gifts for your friends and family and just keep in mind that criminals, they are also shopping as well and except that they are not trying to buy gifts that they are looking at you as a target to steal them from. and so keep your head on the swivel. be cog any sent of your surroundings when -- aware of your surroundings. advisable to shop with friends and family of the group. >> and we talk about people snatching your big tote bags or taking you up when you put it down and you're not paying attention. >> everything across the board. which would be theft by person
10:51 pm
and things in the bags, should you keep them with you or put them in the front seat of the car? never leave any item. make sure nothing is visible. make sure you take it with you. when you go shopping and enjoy the city and come back. but whatever you do, don't place your bought items back in your vehicles because there are criminals out there that all they do is just wait for you to put the items in the vehicles only to leave to get dinner or lunch to find out that when you come back that your vehicle is broken in to and your items are gone. >> it is better to keep them with you, but are you putting yourself at risk if you're holding a big expensive bag full of items? >> better to have it on you than in the car. that you are basically putting a big billboard saying to break in to my window. when you take it with you, keep in mind that we have multiple police officers and the patrol units that work all around
10:52 pm
union square during the holiday season. to monitor if anybody is looking to attack someone and take the items. not only that, but the union square business apartment that they have put the video cameras all around their union square down on market street and for their safety and those and their consumer safety. and that if they do steal any items that you could look at their video surveillance and identify the suspects. a lot of the times they are locals. and probably arrested them countless times before in the past. once we say yes that they know that person and that is who they are and that is what they could do to pick them up. hold them accountable. >> there you go. be safe this holiday season. ahead, you don't expect to see these running down their city streets. zebras. we'll tell you about their
10:53 pm
escape from the circus.
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some kids learned all about their hospital and their hygiene as they are at the children's hospital today with a clinic and how they would play the rule of their doctor and their favorite stuffed animal. but during their clinic, they would learn all about proper hand washing and teeth watching. >> all right, finally tonight, now, on the run. take a look at their zebras on the loose in philadelphia. after they escaped from the circus this afternoon as this cell phone video, they would show them weaving in and out of traffic to take a closer look. that they said they would be done as they would break out. taking them an hour to take one out. that is good news, the bonn key always does it. thank you for joining us, we'll see you next time.
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taking to their school, how that class proves to be their demise. plenty around their nfl and thrillers, the worse performance in history. >> we will set up to do it >> it is strong words, the big future. >> i want to be that hall of tame person. >> reporter: reminding you to never stop dancing, no matter what they said as we will be taking it to


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